About the host – Jo Maxwell

Jo (Ibijoke) Maxwell is a mother to three beautiful children and a wife. With an Accounting and Finance background, Jo changed her career and currently works as an IT specialist within the Financial Industry.

Jo recently developed a passion for the media when she struggled to find images of Black women consistently on British screens. She rarely saw black women and men on TV who reflected the positive success stories that she was surrounded by within her network. Passionate about seeing individuals within the black community succeed in their endeavours; personal life, careers and business. She decided to channel her gift and passion positively into starting her talkshow to empower women in the diaspora by showcasing  their success as well as tackling some of the controversial topics relatable to the black community.

Constantly encouraging her friends and family, pushing them to succeed and stretch themselves beyond their perceived limits. Rather than encourage the regular school of thought which teaches us to think out of the box, Jo reminds women in her circle of influence that there is really no box to think out of and that there is no limit to their potential.

She enjoys travelling, socialising and having fun. She has a can do attitude, she is a go-getter and always aims to achieve whatever it is that she sets her mind to. When Jo commits to a certain goal, she sees to its accomplishment. Her followership is a great testament to the fact that she has a charismatic and empathetic personality.

Jo is also the Visionary and Founder of Passionate Empowered Profession (PEP) Network, A network aimed at bringing together black career women living and working in the UK. She is also a Co-Host on Bestof2podcast with Bimbola Osagie. The podcast is available on iTunes and Soundcloud for your enjoyment.

About Us – The Jo Maxwell Show:

The Jo Maxwell Show is a talk show that aims to showcase some of the most inspiring and amazing black women living and working in the United Kingdom. The show aims to provide an avenue for women to come together to discuss various topics of interest ranging from personal, family, politics, marriage, children, work and real life issues; as well as discussing success stories in the area of their career.

The talkshow also features inspirational black men who enrich their communities. The show also aims to demystify certain controversial topics within the black community, which people are usually very reluctant to talk about, often because we do not have the appropriate channel to express our views, or for fear of stigmatisation. Listening to a woman share her experience on achieving a work-life balance, for instance, may help another woman deal with her own personal issues and equip her to make decisions that will positively impact her circumstances.

Although the show is about women who live and work in the United Kingdom, it aims to impact women in other parts of the world, most especially the youth and wider audience.

According to Jo, “If we, as ambitious and fearless women come together to support and empower one another, we can change stereotypes, break boundaries and accomplish great things together. I want women, especially the younger ones, to watch each episode and feel empowered as other women share their story on how they have been able to stay relevant or have created something out of nothing. Listening to women discuss real life issues and ‘Hot Topics’ will equip other women to know how to deal with life’s challenges when faced with it”.

The first of its series will be called PEP-Talk where each episode will feature the host Jo Maxwell and 2 other guests. The series will be anchored and produced in a relaxed and friendly environment.


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